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A Big Upcoming Announcement for

September 28, 2012 by

Matt Damon and Gary White plan to announce, at the 2013 Clinton Global Initiative annual meeting, that they have made good on their 2009 pledge to bring clean water and sanitation to 50,000 people in Haiti. Quite a feat! They were also on Charlie Rose last night and mentioned us: “The Skoll Foundation has brought together an incredible community of social entrepreneurs who think differently about how you solve these big issues of global poverty, so it requires that mind shift…”

On the Bloomberg segment, where they also discuss their New Ventures Fund, started to raise capital to test solutions:

“There is a necessary element of risk in such ventures, Damon said.

‘Harvard Business Review just put out an article about this that actually broke it down,’ he said. ‘You want 70 percent to be your core business, 20 percent to be adjacencies to that and 10 percent to be highest risk. Funnily enough, they say it pays off exactly inverse to that.’

White said that for him there was a necessary ‘emotional connection’ to’s work.”

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