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APOPO Awarded £60,000 to Clear Landmines in Mozambique – with Rats, of Course

January 3, 2014 by

Britain is funding a program to train giant rats to sniff out thousands of buried landmines in Mozambique, and Skoll Awardee APOPO is central to this work, according to a new article in The Mirror.

Bart Weetjens, APOPO’s founder, told The Mirror: “The work of APOPO is all about empowering communities living in limited resources settings to tackle difficult, dangerous and expensive detection tasks more independently.

“Using a sustainable local resource – our hero rats – and involving our beneficiaries in the technology design and implementation processes have proven to be critical factors to our sustained impact.”

The initiative is part of a new £5million mine clearing program by the UK’s department for international development over three years.

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