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For the past 10 years, we have identified and cultivated the world’s most successful social entrepreneurs. These extraordinary leaders and their organizations are creating the innovative models that can spark large-scale change for seemingly intractable social problems. Every one of our social entrepreneurs operates with other players in a complex ecosystem with entrenched interests that resist change–but timing is everything. There are moments when the dynamics of an ecosystem shift–an inflection point–when changes in the ecosystem present opportunities to act that will have an outsized impact.

We see an opportunity to increase our impact by analyzing the issue ecosystems where our social entrepreneurs operate and timing our investments when the ecosystem is ripe for change. We look for a convergence of the issue and an inflection point–when innovations will have the maximum potential for impact. We are evaluating our portfolio of social entrepreneurs and their innovations to assess their potential for impact using our “4-I” framework. We will apply our own resources, skills, and assets augmented by those through our networks of investors, media and other strategic partners, to accelerate innovations and break down the barriers to social change. Social entrepreneurs remain central to our strategy, because their vision and innovations are at the core of our hope for a sustainable world of peace and prosperity.

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