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Basic Needs Chosen for the Guardian and Observer Christmas Charity Appeal

December 21, 2012 by

One of our newest awardees, Basic Needs, is one of  just seven other disability charities chosen by the Guardian and Observer in one of the most sought-after charity Christmas platforms in the UK.

As part of the sponsorship, each charity had a large feature in the newspaper. Here is an excerpt of Basic Needs’ piece quoting founder Chris Underhill:

“The Guardian Observer Christmas Charity appeal 2012 has focused on the work that we do in Ghana, and described the beneficial effect of its work on a man named Charles Tagoe, who not only finally got a diagnosis and treatment, but went on to create a thriving small-scale poultry project.

Recently, the Ghana team met Francis, a man who had been contained by the community. They entered a dark room and found a gentleman who was almost naked, with his leg pinioned through a hole in a large log, which restricted his movement. He had been in this situation for more than two years. His family had run out of funds for medical care by traditional healers and the community insisted on his being secured. With our support, they sought medical help for Francis. After diagnosis, preliminary treatment, and a great deal of discussion, the healer came and released him, to the happiness and excitement of all.

Our health partner, Ghana Health Services, continued to treat Francis and, together with our organisation, made representation to his previous employer. Today, Francis is happy, married and working in his old job as a primary school teacher. The help that we can give people like Francis is the reason why I do what I do.”

Read the rest of the interview:

and the feature on the organization: 


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