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Citizen Schools Gets White House Nod

May 7, 2009 by

Citizen Schools, co-founded by 2005 Skoll social entrepreneur Eric Schwarz, got a nice nod from the White House this week.  In its press release announcing plans to seek $50 million from Congress for the creation of a Social Innovation Fund, the White House referenced Citizen Schools as an example of an organization providing “innovative, promising ideas that are transforming communities.”  Per the press release, “the Social Innovation Fund will identify what is working in communities across the country, provide growth capital for these programs, and improve the use of data and evaluation to raise the bar on what programs the government funds.”  The release quotes Michelle Obama:  “”By focusing on high-impact, result-oriented non-profits, we will ensure that government dollars are spent in a way that is effective, accountable and worthy of the public trust.”

Nice recognition of Citizen Schools as an innovative leader in its work.





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