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Citizen Schools in Big Christian Science Monitor Feature

January 14, 2013 by

Eric Schwarz of Citizen Schools was just profiled in the Christian Science Monitor. The long piece talks about how the program works, its success, and much more. An excerpt:

“Eric Schwarz is remaking public education in the United States using a simple formula: Extend the school day, give kids adult mentors, and let them get their hands dirty.

The program, called Citizen Schools, has succeeded so well that Mr. Schwarz has been invited to the White House to explain how it works and has been featured in the new book ‘Everyday Heroes: 50 Americans Changing the World One Nonprofit at a Time.’

…’As we’ve been able to prove more and more impact, and prove that this … is actually changing schools and changing kids’ lives, and leading to a 20 percent jump in graduation rates, and erasing the achievement gap between low-income and suburban kids, that has caught the attention of political leaders on both sides of the aisle and business leaders,’ Schwarz says.”

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