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Concert for Pakistan: Jeff Skoll on Supporting Pakistani Refugees

September 9, 2009 by

Years ago, when I first visited Pakistan, it was a spur for me to think hard about the world and about doing something to help. As I walked around breathing in the thick air, I sadly witnessed the abject poverty that over 150 million Pakistanis suffer. Years later, sadly, it’s still time to do something to help.

As Pakistanis endeavor daily to hang onto their great tradition and spirit, the Concert for Pakistan is a rare opportunity to bring the plight of over 3 million displaced peoples into the world’s view. Caught amidst a violent struggle not of their own making, their lives uprooted, these people are left fearful in their own homeland and, for the most part, fending for themselves.

We must help these individuals regain their lives, their homes and their dignity.  I encourage you to participate in the Concert for Pakistan and bring awareness to the relentless spirit of these Pakistani people. There are also other ways to help—supporting organizations like Kashf, the leading micro finance organization in Pakistan with almost 500,000 clients, or the Institute for Development Studies and Practices, whose education and community development programs have touched the lives of over 1 million people.

Lastly, many plaudits and huzzahs to Salman Ahmad, without whose dogged determination this concert would not be happening.  Salman is a humanitarian, peace advocate and true soul. Congratulations on this concert, Sal!

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