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David Bornstein Interviews Sally Osberg; Holding Social Entrepreneurship Talk Nov. 29

November 19, 2012 by

Frequent Skoll World Forum moderator, journalist David Bornstein, recently quoted Sally Osberg in his New York Times column, “Fixes.” Bornstein is also giving a talk about the future of social entrepreneurship, with Bill Drayton, on Nov. 29 in New York City. An excerpt from his column, called “The Rise of the Social Entrepreneur”:

“Social entrepreneurs excel at togetherness,” says Sally Osberg, president and chief executive of the Skoll Foundation. For a long time, Osberg said, she viewed social entrepreneurs as “individual actors” whose ideas led to the “creative destruction” necessary to “replace a societal status quo” with systems that were more just. “But over recent years,” she added, “I’ve come to see how the ‘social’ that characterizes their purpose also characterizes their way of working. In other words, social entrepreneurs don’t just pursue a social end, they pursue that end in a fundamentally communal way.” This approach is badly needed at a time of extreme factionalism, she adds: “Regardless of whether you call it teamwork, collaboration or consensus-building, we need it, and we need it now.”

Bornstein’s talk, Nov. 29 at 6 p.m. at Liquidnet, will address topics such as, “What are the biggest challenges facing social entrepreneurs in the current environment?  What will be the tipping point to create an “everyone a change maker” world?  What are the future trends in social innovation?” Those who can’t attend can join the conversation online: Your ideas will feed into the event. Tell us: What would the world look like if all entrepreneurs were social entrepreneurs? Tweet us at @csisl with hashtag #FutureSocEnt

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