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Deforestation Rates Down August to November 2013

December 19, 2013 by

We’re happy to share this report from Imazon, which notes that deforestation rates are way down in the second half of the year. Here’s an excerpt from the report, which was covered in Globo:

“A survey done by an organization that strives to preserve the Amazon shows that in the last four months, there was a decrease in deforestation.

Imazon analyzed images from satellites that recorded the degradation of the Amazon rainforest between August and November 2013. Last year during the same period, 1,200 square kilometers were deforested. In 2013, it fell to 368 square kilometers.

According Imazon, deforestation fell because of increased surveillance and not just thanks to field operations, as well as technological advances. Illegal loggers were fleeing the reach of the satellites, just at the time of the Amazonian summer, when the cloud cover is smaller, and deforestation easier to detect.

‘Such monitoring is getting more intense and sophisticated . The only way to escape this surveillance is to try clearing during the rainy season, when you have more clouds, and satellites have trouble capturing and detecting deforestation,’ says Imazon Sr Researcher, Adalberto Verissimo.”

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