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Dr. Paul Farmer in Newsweek: How We Can Stop Cholera

December 16, 2010 by

This week in Newsweek, Skoll Entrepreneur Paul Farmer, M.D. and Jean-Renold Rejouit, M.D. explain the roots and solutions for the Haitian cholera epidemic — why they matter to the world, and why no one should give up on Haiti.

This is “not your grandmother’s cholera,” writes Paul Farmer, founder of Partners in Health, and Zanmi Lasante’s codirector of women’s health, Jean-Renold Rejouit, in “How We Can Stop Cholera,” an essay appearing in the December 13 issue of Newsweek. Since late October, more than two thousand people have died from cholera, and more than 36,000 have been hospitalized with the disease. “This makes it all the more urgent for the world to renew its relief efforts in Haiti,” writes Farmer and Dr. Rejouit, “and to resist the temptation to write off the country’s 10 million people as beyond hope.”

Farmer and Rejouit advocate delivering quality care to the sick, including two measures that have been deemed too costly by others in global health – aggressive use of antibiotics, and a massive oral cholera vaccination campaign. More importantly, they emphasize the need to strengthen Haiti’s almost nonexistent water supply and sanitation infrastructure – this too, is an element of “fully integrated prevention and care.”

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    I think that this needs to be broadcast during all NFL games and during all major television time slots.




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