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Skoll Awardee(s): Daniel Lubetzky
Award Year: 2008
Issue Area(s) Addressed: Peace and Human Rights

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“OneVoice is an international movement of Americans, Palestinians, Israelis, Europeans, Muslims, Jews, and Christians who are fed up with the ongoing conflict and who are ready and eager to support a serious process leading to a comprehensive agreement that will fulfill the hopes and beliefs of both the Palestinian and the Israeli people.”

Sub-Issue: Peace

Extremism, in almost every conflict zone in the world, overshadows the greater number of moderates who want peace.

The Skoll Awardee: In college, Daniel Lubetzky researched Arab-Israeli joint ventures and saw an opportunity to use business to bring stability to the Middle East. He built his own business, PeaceWorks Holdings LLC, a company that is about pursuing both peace and profits. PeaceWorks facilitates joint ventures among neighbors on opposing sides of political or armed conflicts, producing healthy food and snacks that PeaceWorks markets to more than 15,000 U.S. retailers. After the breakdown of the second Camp David Accords, Daniel realized that many people shared his point of view but were not represented in the peace process. He set out to build a movement of moderates who could unite for peace in the Middle East through PeaceWorks Foundation’s OneVoice Movement. This mainstream, nationalist, grassroots movement aims to amplify the voice of the heretofore silent majority who wish for peace and prosperity. The movement empowers them to demand accountability from elected representatives and work toward a two-state solution, by training individual leaders in conflict resolution, conducting campaigns, and re-framing the debate from Israel vs. Palestine to moderates vs. extremists. At the time of the Award, PeaceWorks had engaged more than 650,000 people across the Middle East and trained more than 6,000 youth ambassadors.

Impact since joining the portfolio in 2008:

  • The number of people signing on to support the OneVoice movement has grown to some 750,000.
  • As the co-founder of the largest cross-party caucus in Israel’s Knesset, OneVoice Israel is linking civil society to elected officials.
  • OneVoice Palestine has built the second largest political youth movement in the West Bank.



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