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Skoll Awardee(s): Jeremy Hockenstein and Mai Siriphongphanh
Award Year: 2008
Issue Area(s) Addressed: Economic Opportunity, Education

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On a vacation to Angkor Wat, Jeremy was struck by both the devastating poverty in the streets of Cambodia and the large number of internet cafes. In this seeming hopelessness, he saw opportunity for change: Jeremy recognized that the region had the same surplus of inexpensive labor as did India and China, but it lacked access to global markets. A business consultant, Jeremy knew that, with an initial development in human capital, he could create a social venture that would lift Southeast Asians from poverty. Growing up in a traditional Lao family during the communist regime of the 70s and 80s, Mai challenged the status quo by pursuing higher education. In business school, she studied social enterprise and realized the model was what her country needed to jumpstart its economy. Mai sought out Jeremy when DDD was still a startup and offered her help. Mai then presided over the expansion to 2 new offices and polished DDD’s social enterprise model.

Impact since joining the portfolio in 2008:

  • They have graduated 400 disadvantaged individuals in Cambodia and Laos to high-skilled jobs. After a tenure of four years (on average) at DDD, most employees graduate on to positions elsewhere, or internally to management within DDD. In these job placements, they are very successful: the average DDD graduate goes on to make over $250 a month, more than four times the average regional wage.
  • In Dec. 2013, The Information Communication Technology Association of Kenya (ICTAK) awarded the 2013 ICT Value Award to DDD Kenya.
  • Their business is sustainable, generating over $3 million in revenue one year while realizing efficiency gains.
  • Their success continues to increase awareness of Impact Outsourcing.



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