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Skoll Awardee(s): Ned Breslin
Award Year: 2011
Issue Area(s) Addressed: Health

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Breslin spent more than 16 years in Africa working on water and sanitation before joining Water For People and introducing bold, systemic solutions to critical issues facing the sector. Water For People partners with communities in developing countries to create sustainable, locally-maintained drinking water solutions and supports market-driven sanitation solutions, such as its Sanitation as a Business program. Accountability and sustainability are major focuses for the organization. It recently developed a new open-source monitoring and evaluation technology called FLOW (Field Level Operations Watch,) which leverages Android technology and Google Earth software for tracking the status of water points at least 10 years after implementation. In January 2015, Ned announced he will lead WFP’s new EF (Everyone Forever) Accelerator effort to mobilize the international WASH sector around strategic partnerships and the board will begin the search for a new CEO for Water For People.

Impact since joining the portfolio in 2011:

  • Now helping nine countries build out national programs and finance on the principles of Everyone Forever, affecting more than 100 million people.
  • In 2014, Water For People and TOMS announced a strategic partnership to provide safe drinking water in developing countries through the purchase of TOMS brand coffee.
  • In 2014, created the Impact Calculator, so donors can plug in their gift and see its leveraged value over time.
  • Developed a mobile based app to improve monitoring (FLOW). Since first deploying in 2010, FLOW has been used around the world in 17 countries for monitoring. Water For People has utilized FLOW for ongoing monitoring across its country programs.
  • Launched a program called Everyone Forever at Skoll World Forum 2011 that is gaining traction in the water and sanitation community.  Highlights include: 2 districts, encompassing thousands of communities, where every family, every school and every clinic has water and sanitation (never done before).
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