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Water For People

Skoll Entrepreneur(s): Ned Breslin
Award Year: 2011
Focus Area(s) Addressed: Water and Sanitation

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Breslin spent more than 16 years in Africa working on water and sanitation before joining Water For People and introducing bold, systemic solutions to critical issues facing the sector. Water For People partners with communities in developing countries to create sustainable, locally-maintained drinking water solutions and supports market-driven sanitation solutions, such as its Sanitation as a Business program. Accountability and sustainability are major focuses for the organization. It recently developed a new open-source monitoring and evaluation technology called FLOW (Field Level Operations Watch,) which leverages Android technology and Google Earth software for tracking the status of water points at least 10 years after implementation.


  • In March 2014, Water For People and TOMS announced a strategic partnership to provide safe drinking water in developing countries through the purchase of TOMS brand coffee.
  • Developed a mobile based app to improve monitoring (FLOW) – now used by 330 organizations and four national governments for their monitoring.
  • Launched a program called Everyone Forever at Skoll World Forum 2011 that is gaining traction in the water and sanitation community.  Highlights include: 2 districts, encompassing thousands of communities, where every family, every school and every clinic has water and sanitation (never done before).
  • Now helping four countries build out national programs and finance on the principles of Everyone Forever, affecting more than 100 million people.
  • In Uganda, Water For People formed a partnership with the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ), which funded the Sanitation as a Business (SAAB) program. SAAB has already identified 10 entrepreneurs who have provided services to 187 households emptying 704 barrels (each 52 gallons) of sludge, generating collective income of approximately $8,000 USD between December 2012 and June 2013.
  • Water For People currently works in 10 countries around the world.
  • They mobilize volunteers through their World Water Corps®,  an innovative program that serves the needs of local communities, Water For People, and its local partners and builds up a cadre of dedicated, caring ambassadors to the world water and sanitation crisis. Established in 2007, the World Water Corps monitors the work that happens in the field. Through observation and interviews with people on the ground in homes, clinics, schools, and community water points, World Water Corps is on the front lines of determining what is happening and what is needed by the people who need it the most.
  • Hear Ned Breslin’s talk at the Sept. 2013 Social Good Summit.


EVERYONE – Water For People from Water For People on Vimeo.


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