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Skoll Entrepreneur(s):
Award Year: 2005
Focus Area(s) Addressed: Healthcare Access and Treatment

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Working for the Food and Drug Administration in the early 1990s, Victoria Hale saw many promising new medicines abandoned or not developed to their full market potential. Diseases such as visceral leishmaniasis, long ignored and often fatal, needed special and urgent attention. In 2000 she founded the Institute for OneWorld Health to address the gap between global infectious diseases and pharmaceutical opportunities. Victoria has since left and founded a new nonprofit pharmaceutical company, Medicines360, focusing on unmet needs of the world’s women and children. It is a self-sustaining social enterprise, founded with philanthropy, driven by global health inequity, and sustained by revenues. Initial focus areas are contraception and neglected/orphan diseases.


  • As of Dec. 2011,  OneWorld Health (OWH) is an affiliate of PATH, bringing its drug development expertise and experience in neglected infectious diseases to bear on PATH’s mission of improving global health through innovation.
  • iOWH has developed Paromomycin IM Injection as a safe, effective, affordable treatment for visceral leishmaniasis. Having received Indian regulatory approval after a series of clinical trials with over 1000 patients in Bihar, this success is being expanded into Bangladesh and Nepal. Paromomycin IM Injection has been included on the WHO’s Model List for Essential Medicines.
  • iOWH has collaborated with Roche Pharmaceuticals and Novartis to develop safe, effective, affordable medicines for diarrheal diseases that complement existing interventions like Oral Rehydration Therapy and zinc. These complement iOWH’s in-house efforts to develop a novel treatment for diarrheal diseases.
  • A unique partnership coordinated by iOWH is pioneering the use of synthetic biology to produce a reliable supply of artemesinin, an key component of treatment for malaria, at an affordable price. This bold approach will help stabilize the price and supply of artemisinin with a source that takes weeks, not months, to produce.



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