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Teach for All

Skoll Awardee(s): Wendy Kopp
Award Year: 2008
Issue Area(s) Addressed: Education

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“Our best hope for realizing the day when all children have the opportunity to attain an excellent education lies in enlisting our world’s most promising future leaders in realizing that end. By recruiting top recent college graduates to commit two years to teach in their highest poverty communities, we can provide disadvantaged students with a new source of talented, committed teachers while also growing an unstoppable leadership force for the systemic changes necessary to realize educational excellence and equity.”

Sub-Issues: Secondary Education

The world’s most disadvantaged children have the least access to quality education. When they do attend school, they often don’t receive the extra support and high expectations they need to beat the odds.

The Skoll Awardee: Wendy Kopp founded Teach For America in 1989 to marshal the energy of her generation against educational inequity in the United States. After 24 years, she moved into the role of chair of the board in 2013 to devote her attention to the role of CEO of Teach For All, which she co-founded with Brett Wigdortz of Teach First, the organization’s United Kingdom adaptation. Teach For All extends Teach For America’s innovation of recruiting recent top college graduates, training them to be successful teachers in disadvantaged communities, and fostering their ongoing leadership in addressing educational inequity. At the time of the Award, Teach for All was supporting entrepreneurs in nine countries adapting the model to their local contexts.

Impact since joining the portfolio in 2009:

  • TFA supports teaching entrepreneurs in 34 countries.
  • TFA has grown to include 20 national organizations with 11,000 teachers and approximately 26,000 alumni worldwide.
  • In Peru, 20 percent of the first cohort of Teach for All graduates joined education-related organizations including the national government.
  • In its first year, Teach for Colombia had 1,000 applicants for 28 teaching spots.



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