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“Brazil can eliminate deforestation by 2020″ and other related news

April 30, 2012 by

Lots happening in the world of Brazil and deforestation news:

1) Deforestation Film highlighted in local Para news
Para state news in Brazil highlighted the deforestation film shown at the Skoll World Forum (you can watch it below!), and the participation of the Governor of Para and Mayor of Paragominas.

2)  Brazil can eliminate deforestation by 2020, says governor of giant Amazon state

The governor of Para says Brazil can eliminate deforestation by 2020. He shares his vision of Para eliminating deforestation through its green municipalities program. He notes, “There is widespread support in Pará for curbing deforestation. The zero net deforestation goal for 2020 is not an idea from outside; it’s a demand from society. Most are in favor of reducing deforestation. Some groups want to continue deforesting, but they are the minority.”

The article mentioned the Skoll World Forum, too: “The Green Municipalities Program and the Government of Pará were represented to the international community by Governor Simao Jatene and cited as an example of sustainable development to be replicated around the world during the the Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship in Oxford, England.” Read more:

3) Uncontacted Tribe Found

Aerial surveys of a remote area of rainforest along the Colombia-Brazil border have produced the first photographic evidence of an uncontacted tribe, according to Amazon Conservation Team.

Read more:

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