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New Forest Code Law Passed, and Other Brazilian Amazon Deforestation News

December 9, 2011 by

It’s been a major week in the world of Amazon deforestation news—the Brazilian Senate passed the new Forest Code Law, and the Brazilian government released preliminary data showing that deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon for the year ended July 2011 fell to the lowest level since annual record-keeping began in 1988. Here’s a great summary:

The BBC will air Aliança da Terra on their “Horizons” show today through Sunday. The times can be found on their site: (Aliança da Terra is a Skoll grantee that encourages farmers and ranchers in the Amazon rainforest to practice sustainable forest management).  

The Economist has an article on deforestation in the Brazilian state of Rondonia and features the Surui. An excerpt: “Keeping the world’s biggest forest standing depends on greens, Amerindians and enlightened farmers working together—if lawmakers let them…”The Suruí are the first Brazilian tribal people to set up a REDD project, an international aid scheme to prevent deforestation. Up to 10 percent of the income generated will go to local non-Indians, to show them that standing forest can create jobs and income.”

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Forbes did a piece on the Surui forest carbon (REDD) project. The Surui work closely with Forest Trends, Amazon Conservation Team, Conservation Strategy Fund, IDESAM and Kaninde. An excerpt:

“The Surui earn their living mostly through agriculture, and until two years ago also earned money by unofficially harvesting timber. The few varieties of tree that produce quality timber are rapidly being exhausted, and the tribe faced a grim choice: chop down their forests to make way for coffee, banana, and cattle operations, or resign themselves to a future of abject poverty. Instead, they found a third way: use forest carbon to jump-start a complete restructuring of their economy.”

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The last article is about the Amazon Regional Articulation (ARA) publication on Millennium Development Goals indicators in the Amazon. This is ARA’s first major publication, and the first time indicators have been presented for only the Amazon regions of each of the nine Amazon basin countries.

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