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Healthcare Helping Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions: Gary Cohen

November 5, 2012 by

This week, National Public Radio’s Living on Earth show featured Healthcare Without Harm’s Healthier Hospitals Initiative and highlighted the new Spaulding Hospital and its energy savings and climate resiliency. It links climate mitigation and preparedness with health benefits. An excerpt from the interview with Gary Cohen:

“That’s why focusing on the healthcare sector as the wedge sector in society to lead on reducing greenhouse gas emissions is a really smart strategy. We need to have health care institutions be models for climate preparedness and climate resiliency so that in an extreme weather event maybe the hospital or the clinic is the one place with reliable power to keep medicines refrigerated because they’re using renewable energy.

It may be the one place in times of extreme flooding that has water filtration so that everyone can get clean water. So we need to rethink hospitals as anchors for healthier communities and not just being centers for disease management.”

Listen here: National Public Radio’s Living on Earth



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