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Water and Sanitation

Clean water supply and sanitation are inextricably linked with health. Every 20 seconds a child dies from a water-related disease – globally, the second leading cause of death among children under five. And without access to clean water supplies, it is difficult to address poverty, famine, and health issues at all. Supplying clean water and sanitation to households is a start; fostering community ownership of water and waste management and ensuring longevity of water resources is also required. We advance innovations that transform the way water is managed and provided, long-term, for both people and agriculture.
Regions include: Africa, India, Latin America, Middle East.


Ciudad Saludable has transformed waste management in Mexico and South and Central America by establishing garbage systems that are more dependable and less expensive than local governments. Ciudad Saludable has organized more than 1,500 waste collectors, creating jobs and improving living conditions for more than 6 million people. It has two other organizations: Peru Waste Innovation, a consulting firm specializing in solid waste management; and Healthy Cities International (New York), which replicates Ciudad Saludable’s model around the world.

Ecopeace, or Friends of the Earth Middle East, brings together environmentalists working together from Egypt, Israel, Jordan and the Palestinian territories – not exactly areas known for positive collaboration. Yet, FoEME has involved more than 10,000 residents in tours to learn about their crossborder water issues, such as the low levels in the Sea of Galilee and sewage in the Jordan River. FoEME has leveraged an investment of more than $70 million from local governments and donor states in water and sanitation infrastructure.

Gram Vikas works mainly in Orissa, India, to help the poor. Its conviction is that every family must have healthy living practices and an improved quality of life before total development can occur. This model has transformed at least 289 villages and has proven that the rural poor will pay for better sanitation and water.

Water for People partners with communities in developing countries to create sustainable, locally-maintained drinking water solutions and supports market-driven sanitation solutions. It recently developed a new open-source monitoring and evaluation technology called FLOW (Field Level Operations Watch), which leverages Android technology and Google Earth software for tracking the status of water points at least 10 years after implementation. brings safe water to those who are without it. It has driven innovations in the way clean-water projects are delivered and financed and developed demand-driven water and sanitation programs, using microfinance. These innovations now serve as a model — so much that Fast Company did a July 2011 cover story on the organization’s work, and actor Matt Damon has led a very high-profile role. Its WaterCredit has stimulated more than $5 million in capital from commercial banks to fund water and sanitation microloan portfolios.


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