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mothers2mothers’ Mitch Besser and Wife Annie Lennox In a New Interview

January 4, 2013 by

From how they met, to what mothers2mothers is doing now, read it all in the latest issue of Alliance magazine. Newlyweds Annie Lennox and mothers2mothers co-founder Dr. Mitch Besser’s latest interview (excerpt):

“How does this bear on your work with mothers2mothers? 

Mitch Besser: Annie and I met when she came to visit mothers2mothers years ago and she became one of our supporters. As an organization, we benefit from the advocacy she does for the global cause, making people realize that we need to continue to focus on the epidemic, and we are not at a place where we can say we’ve done that already. What she’s been able to do is to continue to bring people’s attention back to the epidemic as something that’s solvable. As an implementing organization, we rely on the campaigners who continue to make sure that people don’t lose interest, and we also rely on the philanthropy. The implementers, the advocates and the philanthropists all have a role to play.

Annie Lennox: What was really impressive about mothers2mothers was that they were specifically doing the work I felt needed to be done. HIV/AIDS is a very complex issue. There are many strands to it, and they’re difficult to disentangle. Maybe there is not one solution; maybe there have to be several kinds of solutions. But if a pregnant mother passes on the virus to her newborn child, that’s simple, and mothers2mothers showed that working to stop that was possible – it was a success story. That’s why I was very inspired by the work that Mitch has been doing with mothers2mothers for the last decade.”

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