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Riders Launches New Program in Zambia

January 23, 2012 by

People living in isolated villages in Southern Province, Zambia, will soon begin receiving more regular visits from health workers as Riders for Health launches its new program with the Zambian Ministry of Health.

As well as allowing health workers to see more people more regularly, the  new program cuts costs, allowing the Ministry of Health to focus on delivering health care. Riders for Health will train 76 health workers to ride safely and look after their motorcycles daily. They have a fully equipped repair shop for regular maintenance. This new program is also the focus of a groundbreaking study by the Stanford University Graduate School of Business to study the impact that reliable transport has on health systems in Africa. The team will evaluate the effectiveness of contracting out vehicle fleet management on strengthening health delivery and will examine to what extent Riders’ work:

  • Improves vehicle fleet management
  • Improves health worker productivity
  • Increases equitable coverage of critical health interventions

Like much of rural Africa, people living in Southern Province have difficulty accessing health care. As well as carrying out child immunizations and disease surveillance, EHTs provide health education, safe water and sanitation programs, and inspections.

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