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Roger Martin on Why Occupy Wall Street is Happening – and What We Can Learn

November 9, 2011 by

Skoll Foundation Board Member Roger Martin co-authored a very popular piece on today, and it’s making waves in the social media world. He says we should be asking why Occupy Wall Street is happening, and what we can learn from it.  Martin, a world-renowned expert on business design and integrative thinking, is dean of the Rotman School of Management and a very influential business professor. An excerpt from today’s article:

“We need to acknowledge that some of these protesters have a point. Decisions made on Wall Street (and in the City) have indeed caused massive financial disruption around the world. But while the bankers at Goldman Sachs and the traders at AIG made decisions that helped tip us into a global recession, it does not necessarily follow that Wall Street is irredeemable. The problem isn’t that Wall Street broke the rules to their own benefit, it’s that the rules themselves are unhelpful.”

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