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Skoll Awardee Taddy Blecher and Maharishi Institute Wins ‘Seedling of Success’ Award

November 16, 2010 by

Maharishi Institute was honored with the ‘Seedling of Success’ Award, presented the final day of the Global Education Summit in Bahrain. Dr. Taddy Blecher, a Skoll Award winner, and The Maharishi Institute picked up the accolade as voted by the audience, more than 60 speakers and 600 summit delegates from 48 countries gathered in Bahrain to address challenges, solutions and opportunities within the global education system. The award recognizes new educational models that have the potential to improve education outcomes significantly through an innovative, scalable and replicable business model that can work in different countries and regions. The hope is that by recognizing these seedlings, they may be propelled into the broader public domain so that they receive continued funding and support.

The Maharishi Institute is an urban-based economically self-sufficient center operating at five different locations around South Africa. It provides free education and salaries and is designed in such a way that it can be rolled out in any nation in the world. Maharishi Institute support students’ intellectual, emotional, physical, and spiritual growth. The Maharishi Institute provides the financing, educational access, skills development path, personal development tools, and supportive campus environment that students can make it step by step out of an often hopeless situation, to a life of success and achievement. They call this approach `Stepping Stones out of poverty.

Speaking after the ceremony, Maharishi Institute chief executive officer Dr. Taddy Blecher said he was overwhelmed to receive the award, “This is just absolutely fantastic for me, for the institute and for the country of South Africa, which is so very dear to my heart.The hope is that this will help us to promote the institute and the work that we do so that we can generate support and thus develop our resources all over South Africa.”

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