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What will Crowdfunding Look Like in 2014? The Skoll Social Entrepreneurs Challenge Raises the Bar

January 2, 2014 by

In recent years, crowdfunding models of the type that support a new product—like a prototype for a cool new watch, or a friend’s idea for a new genre of art, or an important cause, like a marathon runner’s mission to run in honor of a family member or friend—have swept the social change landscape.

With the successful close of the Skoll Social Entrepreneurs Challenge, we saw crowdfunding embracing the age of the social entrepreneur. The Challenge raised $2.4 million—double the amount of any other Skoll Foundation crowdfunding campaign. Of the organizations participating, an average of $37,804 was raised. That’s more than three times the average raised by a charity participating in a CrowdRise Challenge.

Skoll Social Entrepreneurs Challenge organizations are recipients of the “Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship.” Working on the frontlines, social entrepreneurs fight disease, poverty, and injustice with their innovative approaches, proving that: health care, education, and basic needs can be delivered efficiently and equitably; that sustainability trumps depletion; and that large-scale impact is possible. Learn more about the winners here.

Embracing unique incentive structures, social media tools, and e-marketing strategies mimicking the most successful online retailers, CrowdRise Challenges like these have seen phenomenal leverage in turning seed money into an impact many times greater than even the best dollar-for-dollar matching campaigns. Skoll’s $250,000 prize money was leveraged 9:1 in the latest Challenge. Leverage and scale is not only important for enacting a socially disruptive idea, it’s also a growing way to drive financial support for those ideas. read more


Our New Jobs-Creation Partnership With The Huffington Post

July 30, 2012 by


WHO: Arianna Huffington and The Huffington Post, joined by LinkedIn, Starbucks, NBC News, Microsoft, The MCJ Amelior Foundation, The Ford
Foundation, The Rockefeller Foundation, The Skoll Foundation, City Year, Opportunity Nation, OurTime, Purpose, Startup America, StartUpHire, Valencia College, Venture for America and Year Up.

WHAT: A lunch and job-creation exhibition at both the RNC and DNC — Opportunity: What Is Working — A Bipartisan Search for Solutions to
the Jobs Crisis

1) An exhibition showcasing social entrepreneurs, small businesses, and innovative ideas that provide skills and training to create jobs. read more


HuffPost: Pieces of the Behavior Change Puzzle

October 21, 2010 by

Gary Slutkin, Executive Director CeaseFire, tells the story of Skoll awardee Molly Melching and the work of Tostan in a column in Huffington Post. Slutkin explores the parallels and draws larger lessons from the work of Tostan to stop female genital cutting and Ceasefire to stop shootings and killings. Slutkin writes: read more


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