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Manchester Bidwell Expanding to Israel: Story in Sunday’s Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

May 27, 2014 by

Skoll Awardee Manchester Bidwell’s international expansion was featured in the news on Sunday. Excerpts from the article:

“’We have much to learn from Pittsburgh. There’s a need for a vocational center like that,’ said Elad Strohmayer, deputy consul general of Israel for the Mid-Atlantic.

The Israeli center will be located in Akko, or Acre, a city with about a 75-25 percent split of Jews and Arabs. Mark Frank, a volunteer helping to start it, said the site may open as a demonstration project and then expand to accommodate 100 students in three to five years. ‘It’s unfortunate that the Israeli Arabs and Israeli Jews have all too little contact with each other,’ Frank said. ‘This would be one possibility that, if history is any lesson, kids will come together and get to do something they love to do in a mixed, shared, social setting.’

…[Strickland] expects to open the center in Israel first, London second, and then Japan. If he gets Arabs and Jews interacting in a classroom, he may accomplish what diplomats try to do.

‘When people have a reason to live, they don’t have a reason to die,’ Strickland said. ‘Terrorism thrives on ignorance and illiteracy. This therapy will work there.'”

Read more:


Financial Times: “Bill Strickland’s Education Revolution”

November 25, 2013 by

The Financial Times (FT)  just published a long feature profile on Skoll Awardee Bill Strickland. Our founder Jeff Skoll was also interviewed for the article, which chronicles Strickland’s journey of “45 years doing what he says US state schools fail to do – getting disadvantaged kids excited about learning.”

An excerpt:

“His TED talk, ‘Bill Strickland Makes Change With a Slideshow’, accompanied by Herbie Hancock on the piano, has been watched more than 425,000 times. His book, Make the Impossible Possible, has sold more than 85,000 copies. His unconventional corporation has even attracted the attention of business academics and been written about four times by Harvard Business School. He also featured in the acclaimed 2010 documentary Waiting for ‘Superman’, which investigated the US public education system.

Backed by an impressive roster of local business leaders and charitable foundations, Strickland has opened another eight centres in the US and is aiming to found up to 100 within his lifetime. He is also in talks with potential partners in the Caribbean, Japan, Israel and the UK with a view to opening 100 more abroad. ‘I want to open in London yesterday,’ he says….

‘It costs a lot of money to keep people poor. We spend $7bn in Pennsylvania on welfare out of a $28bn budget. What I am saying is invest in young people and give them the chance to be productive citizens. You do not have to subsidise them,’ he explains. ‘We have doubled the graduation rate for inner city black and Hispanic kids. It is a methodology. We have figured this out. With all the presidential commissions and PhDs and Rand Corporation studies we still do not have the outcomes we want. But here is Bill Strickland and his arts programme with a way to double the graduation rates of kids.'”


“Jeff Skoll’s only absolute mandate… is for everyone to think big”

March 14, 2012 by

The newest issue of Stanford Magazine profiles Jeff Skoll, and covers everything from his childhood love of reading to his latest blockbuster films. The article also highlights the work of four Skoll Awardees: Manchester-Bidwell Corporation, Afghan Institute of Learning, One Acre Fund and Amazon Conservation Team. An excerpt:

“By the time he entered his teens, Skoll already was thinking globally. ‘I could kind of see a lot of trends in the world were getting scary, that by the time I was older the world would have problems with population and resources and potentially deadly diseases and all kinds of things that kind of scared me. And I thought I’d like to get involved in these issues, make people aware of them, and as a kid I thought I would actually do it by being a writer. So that was my first goal.'” read more


Bill Strickland Wins 2011 Goi Peace Award

November 23, 2011 by

The Goi Peace Foundation recently bestowed the 2011 Goi Peace Award on Bill Strickland of Manchester Bidwell Corporation. Manchester-Bidwell is a jobs training center and community arts program which gives disadvantaged students the opportunities they need for a better future. Recently back from Japan, Strickland says, “I visited one of the hardest hit communities from the tsunami, and 8 months later they are hanging on by a thread with mountains of debris and very little hope…  Except when I visited a small fishing village in that town and sat with some of the emerging leaders.

They had several copies of my book, Make the Impossible Possible, which has been translated into Japanese and is being used in many important social enterprise and business schools circles around Japan. Several of the Goi leaders felt that the road back could be assisted by building a Manchester-Bidwell Center as the rallying point.”

The annual Goi Peace Award honors those that have made outstanding contributions toward a peaceful and harmonious world for humanity. Created in 2000, previous Goi Peace Award recipients include Oscar Arias, Bill Drayton, Bill Gates and Deepak Chopra.

Strickland received the award at a ceremony during the Goi Peace Foundation Forum 2011 at Ginza Blossom Hall in Tokyo on November 19, 2011. Read more about why Strickland won the award at




Six Grammys For Skoll Awardee

November 14, 2011 by

MCG Jazz, the independent recording label housed at Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild in Pittsburgh, PA, has again produced a CD that has won two Latin Grammy Awards. Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild is a subsidiary of Skoll Awardee Manchester Bidwell Corporation, a non-profit arts and learning center. With these two awards, MCG Jazz has received three Latin Grammy wins and three Grammy wins, for a total of six awards.

The two Latin Grammy Awards this time are for “Panamericana Suite” by Paquito D’Rivera in the Best Latin Jazz Album and Best Contemporary Classical Composition categories.

Learn more about MCG Jazz at


Bill Strickland tapped by White House for Council for Community Solutions

December 15, 2010 by

On December 14 President Barack Obama established the White House Council for Community Solutions, naming Bill Strickland one of 25 Council members.  The Council will provide advice to the President on the best ways to mobilize citizens, nonprofits, businesses and government to work more effectively together to solve specific community needs.

Bill Strickland, a Skoll Social Entrepreneur, is the founder of the Manchester Institution, home of the Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild and Bidwell Training Center, which trains people in, among other skills, ceramics, orchid growing, photography, culinary careers and music. read more


Ten Innovative Social Entrepreneurs Receive Million-Dollar Awards from the Skoll Foundation

March 14, 2007 by

PALO ALTO, Calif.—March 14, 2007—The Skoll Foundation today announced it is awarding $10,150,000 to 10 recipients of the 2007 Skoll Awards for Social Entrepreneurship. The recipients, who will each receive three-year grants of $1,015,000, are organizations that target social issues in need of urgent attention.

This year’s Skoll entrepreneurs include a former French businessman who is building networks to prevent the abuse of street children, two longtime environmentalists whose “Ecological Footprint” enables businesses and governments to measure their role in depleting the world’s ecological assets, a community activist who helps villages in India run sustainable sanitation and clean water facilities, and a former accountant who is helping replenish the world’s collapsing fish stocks with an international seafood eco-labeling and certification program. read more


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