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Marc Freedman in the WSJ: Six Ideas for Enriching Longer Lives

June 1, 2015 by

Marc Freedman of just penned “How to Make the Most of Longer Lives” in the Wall Street Journal. “As thousands of baby boomers each day surge into their 60s and 70s, it’s time to focus on enriching lives, not just lengthening them; on providing purpose and productivity, not just perpetuity,” he writes. He then goes into detail about six ways society can do this. My favorite? “Design schools for second half of life.”

“Nearly 50 years ago, we pioneered lifelong learning for seniors—a notable advance, but let’s face it: All too often these programs are great for mental stimulation but ill-suited to launching individuals into new life chapters,” Marc writes. “Catching up on the Renaissance masters or mapping your family’s genealogy can take you only so far.”

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New Study Shows Baby Boomers Most Entrepreneurial

February 27, 2013 by

Baby Boomer CrowdSkoll awardee was just quoted in Fast Company — a new study found that 45% of respondents between 50 and 69, compared to just 32% of 18 to 29 year olds, labeled themselves as entrepreneurial. is makes it easier for millions of people to pursue second acts for the greater good. calls them “encore careers” – jobs that combine personal meaning, continued income and social impact – in the second half of life.

Here’s what Marc Freedman of told Fast Company about the study:

“From a cognitive perspective, older people have more education and have had more chances to try and to fail in their careers and in life, experience which is always good to draw on if you want to start a successful new venture. And as Marc Freedman of Civic Ventures argues, people in the second half of life are more likely to be looking for a way to combine ‘passion, purpose and a paycheck’–looking for work that marries their values and their interests, and allows them to leave a legacy. That is, they may be taking more risks because they have less to lose in pursuit of work that feeds their souls.”

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Marc Freedman on How “Marigold Hotel” Film Redefines Later Life

May 16, 2012 by

Skoll Awardee Marc Freedman‘s Harvard Business Review piece on “Outsourcing the Old Folks” discusses what the film The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel might mean for redefining later life:

“But for all its uplift, the really hopeful lesson from Marigold is simply that it got made — and that it is not alone. read more


USA Today on Encore Careers: Featuring Marc Freedman and Civic Ventures

January 31, 2011 by

A recent USA Today article, Some Boomers ‘retire’ to jobs that allow them to help others, highlights organizations around the nation that are matching social organizations with workers and volunteers in ‘encore’ careers that help communities. The article cites Civic Ventures as the, “leading national think tank promoting encore careers.” The article continues:

The idea of second careers that help “save the world” grew out of older Americans’ involvement in community service. Federally funded programs such as Experience Corps, which puts volunteers 55 and over into public schools to help struggling students, motivated the tutors and mentors as much as the kids.

From that experience grew Civic Ventures, the leading national think tank promoting encore careers. Marc Freedman, its founder and CEO, sees its focus as a third, pre-retirement stage of life for people ages 55-80.

“People are hitting the reset button,” Freedman says. “There is a tremendous feeling of kind of returning to earlier ideals.”

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