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What will Crowdfunding Look Like in 2014? The Skoll Social Entrepreneurs Challenge Raises the Bar

January 2, 2014 by

In recent years, crowdfunding models of the type that support a new product—like a prototype for a cool new watch, or a friend’s idea for a new genre of art, or an important cause, like a marathon runner’s mission to run in honor of a family member or friend—have swept the social change landscape.

With the successful close of the Skoll Social Entrepreneurs Challenge, we saw crowdfunding embracing the age of the social entrepreneur. The Challenge raised $2.4 million—double the amount of any other Skoll Foundation crowdfunding campaign. Of the organizations participating, an average of $37,804 was raised. That’s more than three times the average raised by a charity participating in a CrowdRise Challenge.

Skoll Social Entrepreneurs Challenge organizations are recipients of the “Skoll Award for Social Entrepreneurship.” Working on the frontlines, social entrepreneurs fight disease, poverty, and injustice with their innovative approaches, proving that: health care, education, and basic needs can be delivered efficiently and equitably; that sustainability trumps depletion; and that large-scale impact is possible. Learn more about the winners here.

Embracing unique incentive structures, social media tools, and e-marketing strategies mimicking the most successful online retailers, CrowdRise Challenges like these have seen phenomenal leverage in turning seed money into an impact many times greater than even the best dollar-for-dollar matching campaigns. Skoll’s $250,000 prize money was leveraged 9:1 in the latest Challenge. Leverage and scale is not only important for enacting a socially disruptive idea, it’s also a growing way to drive financial support for those ideas. read more


Skoll Social Entrepreneurs Challenge Ends Tomorrow

November 21, 2013 by

As a friend of the Skoll Foundation, you heard from me in mid-October about the Skoll Social Entrepreneurs Challenge.

In partnership with CrowdRise and the Huffington Post, the Challenge kicked off on September 30, and only two weeks later, was just shy of the first $500,000 milestone.

Today—in the last week of the Challenge—the 57 participating organizations have reached a total of more than $1,800,000!

The simple truth is that we could not have reached this level without the support and dedication of friends like you.

The next two days mark our last big push to the finish line—the Challenge ends at 11:59 AM ET tomorrow, so please take a moment now to help this Community reach $2 million. Ambitious? Very! Achievable? With your help—yes! read more


$1M Social Entrepreneurs Challenge Campaign Slideshow

November 19, 2013 by
Our final crowdfunding push on behalf of participants in our Skoll Social Entrepreneurs Challenge on CrowdRise included a call to action to tell us what a difference $1 million could make in the lives of people all over the world. Through the generosity of so many individual donors, they have raised more than $1.5 million and are pushing hard to reach a goal of $2 million! The challenges ends Friday, November 22 at 9:59 a.m. EST. We love their heart and their images—which were inspired by the work of Robert X Fogarty— and hope the photos encourage you to help them achieve their goal.


read more


What the Top CrowdRaise-rs Are Doing: Six Tips

November 4, 2013 by

As we head into the 6th week of the Skoll Social Entrepreneurs Challenge on CrowdRise, we wanted to give you an update on how the top organizations are leveraging their networks and coming up with creative ideas to raise funds.

The organizations that have raised the most—Center for Digital Inclusion, Pratham, Arzu, Half the Sky Foundation, International Bridges to Justice, and Root Capital—recently shared their tips on how to maximize donations to the Challenge:

• Get board members and advisory boards engaged—see if they can come up with strategies to raise awareness and raise funds.

• Encourage any expected donations to be made during the Challenge since the dollars will be leveraged.

• Have leaders reach out directly to potential donors. One social entrepreneur used her birthday as an outreach driver and got a great response.

• Email past donors, attendees from events and newsletter recipients. Create a direct message, highlight how funds will be used, and note the opportunity to leverage the $1 million Skoll Foundation match.

• Take advantage of in-person events—make a mention of the Challenge or email attendees afterwards with a link.

• Enlist fundraisers and personally reach out to them to set a fundraising goal. Some of the strategies fundraisers are using include auctioning off prizes per dollar amount raised, asking for donations in lieu of birthday presents, fundraising at events, and running a mile for every $100 raised.

For those of you that haven’t made a gift – we have only three more weeks to raise $1.5 million. Donate now so that you can stretch your donation even further with the Skoll Foundation’s $1 million match!

We’ve made it easy for you to donate to participating social entrepreneurs based on the issues they’re working on. Click on the organizations’ names below to go directly to their fundraising pages.

Environmental Sustainability

Amazon Conservation TeamBioRegional Development Group,EcopeaceForest Trends AssociationGlobal Footprint Network,Telapak Indonesia


Afghan Institute of Learning,  Child and Youth FinanceBarefoot CollegeBenetechCamfedCollege SummitFundacion Escuela NuevaHalf the Sky FoundationISDP-PakistanNCAT,  Pratham,Room to ReadSonidos de la TierraThe Citizens Foundation,Youthbuild

Economic Opportunity

ArzuBuilding MarketsCenter for Digital Inclusion,  Digital Divide DataFriends International, Gawad KalingaINJAZ Al-Arab,International Development Enterprises-IndiaKashf Foundation,Landesa, NidanProximity DesignsRoot Capital,


APOPOBasic NeedsCiudad Saludable, Gram VikasHealth Care without HarmMothers2MothersRiders for HealthSaude CriancaWater for PeopleWorld Health Partners

Peace & Human Rights

Independent DiplomatInternational Bridges to Justice,International Center for Transitional JusticeOneVoiceRoots of PeaceSearch for Common GroundTostanWITNESSVisayan Forum Foundation

Sustainable Markets

CeresFairTrade USAGoodWeaveVerite


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