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Trends in Social Entrepreneurship: Lessons from the Skoll World Forum

April 11, 2012 by

Social entrepreneurship is more market-driven, measurement-oriented, and corporate-friendly than ever before, writes Jason Saul, a consultant who attended the Skoll World Forum. In his latest, thoughtful piece in Stanford Social Innovation Review, Saul gives examples of social entrepreneurs such as Skoll Awardees Kiva, Riders for Health, Roots of Peace, Peace Dividend Trust (now “Building Markets”) and Water for People. An excerpt:

“Measurement is no longer optional. Measurement had its big coming out party at Skoll this year as the foundation announced its first attempt at portfolio-level measurement. The language and references this year were different too. In past years, there was always talk of ‘effectiveness’ and ‘accountability,’ but this year, I heard more about ‘returns,’ ‘moving the needle,’ and measuring ‘value.’ …I had a fascinating conversation with Andrea Coleman of Riders for Health who found the Skoll Foundation’s focus on outcomes liberating from the regime of randomized control trials imposed by other funders.”

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(Above, a group of social entrepreneurs gather at the “connect and collaborate” sessions on the last day of the Forum).


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