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“We need game-changing ideas,” Sally Osberg tells Stanford Business students

December 15, 2011 by

Skoll Foundation CEO Sally Osberg recently gave a speech to a Stanford Graduate School of Business audience. Here’s an excerpt:

“Social entrepreneurs are first and foremost entrepreneurs. We believe entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs are agents of creative destruction…Social entrepreneurs don’t have it easy,” said Osberg, comparing them to Ginger Rogers, who skillfully and deftly mirrored Fred Astaire’s ballroom dance moves. “The social entrepreneur does all that the entrepreneur does: comes up with a game-changing idea, builds the venture, attracts the capital, builds the market, brings the beneficiaries into the fold. But he or she does it backwards and in high heels, because the networks and systems for financing, capitalizing, getting the talent into the venture — that doesn’t exist the way it does in the private sector,” she said.

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