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Wired magazine features Barefoot College

June 15, 2011 by

An inspiring article in Wired Magazine (UK edition) features Skoll awardee Bunker Roy and the rise of his organization, Barefoot College. An excerpt:

“On the Barefoot campus you can meet women who, only six months earlier, were day labourers and are now practising dentistry, women who formed a collective to manufacture solar ovens, illiterate farmers now overseeing engineering projects, and girls who attend Barefoot night school because they work in the fields during the day when state schools are open. Roy estimates that, in India, the Barefoot solar-electrification programme saves two million litres of kerosene every year.

“….Spend time with Roy — pass through an airport with him, say — and you can understand how his patrician charisma makes him something of an NGO rock star. “You’re lucky to see him,” says Yogi Durlabhji, who describes himself as a “friend and squash victim” of Roy’s. “He shuttles between Bill Clinton and whoever else.” The “whoever else” could be the Dalai Lama — who visited the Tilonia campus in February — or Jeff Skoll, the eBay founding president who has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Barefoot College, or George Soros, whom Roy buttonholed once at the Aspen Institute in Colorado to tell him he was wasting his millions donating to top-down solutions.”

Read about the women whose lives are changing because of Barefoot College’s work here:



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