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The Skoll Foundation encompasses two separate corporations: a private foundation, The Skoll Foundation, and a public charity whose legal name is The Skoll Fund. The Skoll Fund, created in 1999, is a supporting organization associated with the Silicon Valley Community Foundation of Mountain View, California. The private foundation was launched in 2002. Each entity is governed by its own board of directors. The two entities share grantmaking, program and administrative resources. Both organizations were founded to support social entrepreneurship, and together they are known as the Skoll Foundation.

The Skoll Foundation and Skoll Fund prepare separate financial statements and tax returns. All documents are in .pdf format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Skoll Foundation Audited Financial Statements
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June 2006

Skoll Foundation 990PF Tax Returns
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The Skoll Fund’s financial statements are consolidated with those of the Silicon Valley Community Foundation, which may be viewed at: The Skoll Fund’s tax returns are available on


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