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Medic Mobile

Skoll Entrepreneur(s): Josh Nesbit
Award Year: 2014
Focus Area(s) Addressed: Healthcare Access and Treatment

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“Building Mobile Communications Tools to Bring Health Care to Underserved Communities”

One billion people will never see a health professional in their lives. Yet 95 percent of the world’s population has access to a mobile signal. Josh Nesbit’s Medic Mobile was created to improve health in underserved and disconnected communities using communication tools. Medic Mobile builds mobile applications for community health workers, caregivers, and patients to increase life-saving health care coverage.


  • Across 21 countries, its tools support 7,386 frontline health workers and benefit approximately 5 million people with plans to double these numbers annually for a total of 200,000 health workers serving 100 million people by 2018.
  • 54 active projects were in place at the end of 2013- 38 actively supported by the Medic Mobile team and 16 managed by local implementing partners
  • 3 new use cases were developed: text messaging for malaria treatment adherence, malnutrition monitoring, and club foot treatment adherence
  • 39 partners worked with Medic Mobile around the world to implement projects using our tools
  • 4 uses of Medic Mobile tools were entered into trials, including stock-out reporting, antenatal care coordination, appointment management and glucose monitoring
  • 7,386 community health workers were using Medic Mobile tools at the end of 2013, an increase of 71 percent from 2012
  • 21 countries have projects where Medic Mobile tools are being used
  • 3,450 patients and household caregivers used Medic Mobile tools, a 73 percent growth from 2012.
  • 859 community health workers in Kenya used mobile technology for immunization and antenatal care programs
  • 3,000 doses of vaccines were monitored using Medic Mobile tools to automatically connect to clinic staff when temperatures became too high or too low

Josh Nesbit is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Medic Mobile, a technology company on a mission to improve health equity in under-served communities. Josh was a pre-medical undergraduate student at Stanford when he spent the summer of 2007 working on malaria treatment access in a rural hospital in Malawi. While there, he observed patients walking up to 100 miles to reach the hospital’s single doctor; community health workers walking 35 miles to deliver paper reports; and stronger cell phone reception in the rural Malawian village than in California. This realization of the inefficiencies in healthcare systems and delivery caused Josh to shift his focus from medicine to mobile health.

Josh also created Hope Phones, a cell phone recycling campaign designed to engage millions of Americans in global health efforts. Medic Mobile develops mobile and web platforms optimized for stockout monitoring, disease surveillance, emergency response, and coordination for maternal and child healthcare.




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