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Trillions of dollars have been spent on aid and development, but Millennium Development Goals remain elusive. Over one billion people remain in poverty and lack access to basic education, health care, safe water and sanitation. Aid often remains ineffective because programs tend to be driven by donor country interests, not by local community needs. And, too frequently, environmental protection is overlooked. We advance innovations that harness aid to be more accountable, transparent and solutions-oriented, for community-driven, ecologically sustainable and lasting development.
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Global Footprint Network’s programs influence decision makers to help end ecological overshoot. Six countries have formally adopted the Ecological Footprint as a measure of the sustainability of their economies. Through its work with GFN, the United Arab Emirates has redirected $15 billion into alternative energy and $22 billion into Masdar City, the first carbon-neutral, no-waste community.

Peace Dividend Trust (PDT) helps peace missions operate more efficiently and implements practical approaches to economic development. PDT has offices in five countries. PDT’s Peace Dividend Marketplace project in Afghanistan helped international agencies increase local spending by more than $375 million, creating thousands of jobs. The PDT created the Mission Start-up Field Guide, which is used for all new peacekeeping missions by the United Nations.


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