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Lakhdar Brahimi’s Talk at the Skoll World Forum

August 21, 2012 by

We’re thrilled that former Skoll World Forum speaker Lakhdar Brahimi is now the UN/Arab League Envoy on Syria. Since his recent announcement, the press has often quoted his Skoll World Forum speech, so we thought we’d post it in entirety above. Mr. Brahimi is also one of The Elders, which our CEO Sally Osberg is on the advisory council of.

“When we try and provide help and support to people who are in conflict to see if you can push them towards the end of that conflict,” Mr. Brahimi said at the 2010 Skoll World Forum. “We are often guilty of the same lack of humility..the first effort you have to make is to understand — what has been happening?”

If you prefer to read it, a transcript is at

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